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using Dates
Runs a Monte Carlo simulation with the FUND model over it's distirbutional parameters, and calculates
the Social Cost of Carbon for the specified `years` and discount `rates`.
`trials`: the number of trials to run.
`ntimesteps`: how many timesteps to run.
`output_dir`: an output directory; if none provided, will create and use "output/SCC yyyy-mm-dd HH-MM-SS MCtrials".
`save_trials`: whether or not to generate and save the MC trial values up front to a file.
function run_fund_scc_mcs(trials = 10000; years = [2020], rates = [0.03], ntimesteps = MimiFUND.default_nsteps + 1, output_dir = nothing, save_trials = false)
# Set up output directories
output_dir = output_dir == nothing ? joinpath(@__DIR__, "../../output/", "SCC $(Dates.format(now(), "yyyy-mm-dd HH-MM-SS")) MC$trials") : output_dir
# Write header in SCC output file
scc_file = joinpath(output_dir, "scc.csv")
open(scc_file, "w") do f
write(f, "trial, rate, year, scc\n")
# Scenario set up
scenario_args = Any[
:rate => rates
:emissionyear => years
mcs = getmcs()
# Generate trials
if save_trials
filename = joinpath(@__DIR__, "$output_dir/trials.csv")
generate_trials!(mcs, trials; filename=filename)
generate_trials!(mcs, trials)
# Get FUND marginal model
mm = create_marginal_FUND_model()
set_models!(mcs, mm)
# Define scenario function
function _scenario_func(mcs::Simulation, tup::Tuple)
# Unpack scenario tuple argument
(rate, emissionyear) = tup
# Get models
base, marginal = mcs.models
# Perturb emissons in the marginal model
perturb_marginal_emissions!(marginal, emissionyear)
# Define post trial function
function scc_calculation(mcs::Simulation, trialnum::Int, ntimesteps::Int, tup::Tuple)
# Unpack scenario tuple argument
(rate, emissionyear) = tup
# Get marginal damages
base, marginal = mcs.models
marginaldamages = (marginal[:impactaggregation, :loss] - base[:impactaggregation, :loss]) / 10000000.0
# Calculate discount factor
T = ntimesteps == typemax(Int) ? length(Mimi.dimension(base, :time)) : ntimesteps
discount_factor = zeros(T)
idx = getindexfromyear(emissionyear)
discount_factor[idx:T] = [1 / ((1 + rate) ^ t) for t in 0:T-idx]
# Sum discounted global damages to scc
scc = sum(sum(marginaldamages, dims = 2)[2:T] .* discount_factor[2:end])
# Write output
open(scc_file, "a") do f
write(f, "$trialnum, $rate, $emissionyear, $scc\n")
return nothing
# Run monte carlo trials
models_to_run = 2,
ntimesteps = ntimesteps,
output_dir = "$output_dir/results",
scenario_args = scenario_args,
scenario_func = _scenario_func,
post_trial_func = scc_calculation
return nothing
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