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Oracle 12c database design and management

  • NYU MASY-GC-2500 Fall 2014
  • Database Design and Management Class Final Project
  • Instructor: Marc S. Paller
  • Submitted By: Fangzhou Cheng
  • Submitted On: October 20, 2014

##SCOPE This project aims to analyze, design, and create a replacement relational event management database for BPAC. Scope of the project shall encompass the following:

  • Planning and Requirement Gathering
  • Conceptual Model (Enhanced E-R Diagram)
  • Logical Database Model
  • Normalization of Relations
  • Creating of Relational Database Tables
  • Sample Queries

##BUSINESS INFORMATION Baruch Performing Arts Center (BPAC) is a part of the Baruch College community. It has four venues and an average of 600 shows in total each year. An event management database designed by the Baruch IT department is currently in use.

Due to insufficient design of the database, not enough information is included in the DBMS. The staff has to go to 3 other separate places (Local server, Google Drive, and paper file folder) to gather all information needed for a show. The work efficiency is sacrificed and the morale stays low. This project aims to design a replacement event management system for BPAC to include all the information.


Oracle 12c database design and management



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