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The Hexenbracken

This python script will take a set of hex descriptions from a Google Doc and turn them into a simple web site. Several example websites exist: The Hexenbracken and The Kraal, The Colossal Wastes of Zhaar, Synthexia. The source files that generate them are in this repository, under the hexmaps folder.

Usage: python <input csv file> > <output html file>

You can use the flag -f text to tell the generator to use a text template, rather than an HTML one. The script currently assumes the HTML template used to generate the page is named the same as the supplied CSV file, with a .html extension. (e.g. If you try and generate an HTML page for hexenbracken.csv it will look for the template hexenbracken.html.)

The input CSV files should be formated as follows:

0  1  2       3        4        5              6       7       8            9    10
X, Y, UNUSED, Hex Key, Terrain, Settlement(s), UNUSED, Author, Description, URL, Themes

The script till make settlements and references to other hexes into links. It finds referenced hexes by looking for [[XXXX]] in hex descriptions.


The Hexenbracken!




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