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A simple static site generator.
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Another static site generator.

Quick Start

Install gilbert:

$ pip install gilbert

Create a gilbert project:

$ gilbert --root mysite init

Create page files in mysite/pages/

Render your site:

$ gilbert --root mysite render

Project contents:

Each project contains 4 directories:

  1. templates/

    These are templates available to Content Objects, using the stencil template system.

  2. pages/

    This is the hierarchy of pages to be rendered on the site.

  3. content/

    This contains other content objects to be made available to all pages on the site to include in their templates.

  4. dist/

    This is where the site distributable content are rendered into.

Content Objects

Content objects are basically YAML files, with a single YAML document, optionally followed by additional raw content.

The default Content Object is Data which simply provides access to the data in the YAML document.

The Page content object is the default type for documents in the pages/ collection. It will render using the template defined in its data, or the 'default.html' template.


Gilbert supports auto-discovered plugins. They simply need to be packages existing in the namespaced package 'gilbert.plugins'.

By default, the following Plugins are provided:

  1. markdown

    An extension of Page which renders its content using Markdown

  2. scss

    Renders its content using SCSS

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