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Kiera Theme for Hugo

Kiera is the theme specialized in presenting writing layout like long essay or technical writing.

It was originally developed by b. avianto and now maintained by funkydan2


Main Features

  • Simple, 'no-nonsense' styling.
  • 4 image placements with figure support using shortcodes.
  • (Optional) Feature images for posts and twiter cards.
  • Excellent code highlight support thanks to Hugo Chroma.
  • Use Font Awesome for icons.
  • Utilize normalize.css for consistent styling (Cloudflare CDN).
  • Use Google Fonts: Ruda (serif) and Roboto Slab (sans-serif).
  • Disqus or Utterances comments loaded on demand.
  • Supports downloading extra Google Fonts.


Live demo:


Change into Hugo directory then:

$ cd themes
$ git clone hugo-kiera

More detailed instruction at Hugo Docs.

Using git submodule is recommended instead of git clone as per recommendation from Netlify.

$ cd /path/to/the/root/of/your/project/themes
$ git submodule add

Update the theme

git submodule method

Use git to merge latest commits into your project by running:

$ cd /path/to/the/root/of/your/project/
$ git submodule update --rebase --remote

independent directory method

Delete the directory corresponding to the theme and download the latest version of the theme by cloning the repo:

$ cd /path/to/the/root/of/your/project/
$ rm -rf themes/hugo-kiera/
$ git clone themes/hugo-kiera/


For reference look inside folder exampleSite for content example and config.toml.

Important: don't delete or move archetypes folder from root unless it is necessary. Current Hugo priority lookup will look into this folder first before any other archetypes folder and could cause problem.

Recommended optional config.toml:

pygmentsCodeFences = true

disqusShortname = "" #Disqus shortname
googleAnalytics = "" #Google Analytics ID

    name = ""           #Author name
    github = ""         #Github username
    gitlab = ""         #Gitlab username
    linkedin = ""       #LinkedIn username
    facebook = ""       #Facebook username
    twitter = ""        #Twitter username
    instagram = ""      #Instagram username
    stackoverflow = ""  #StackOverflow username
    devto = "" username 

    tagline = "the tagline for this website"
    customCSS = []  #Optional Customised CSS
    disableDarkModeCSS = false # disables css style for users using dark-mode


To add non-posts related page (eq. About page) to the main menu, adding these lines to the page front matter:


menu = "main"
meta = "false"


menu: "main"
meta: "false"

meta refers to time, categories, tags and reading time which are not necessary for this kind of page.

For posts listing page, add file inside content\posts folder with these front matter:


title = "Posts"
menu = "main"
weight = "10"


title : "Posts"
menu : "main"
weight : "10"

Following menus are available:

  • main, displayed in the navigation bar at the top of the page
  • footer, displayed on the lower right, in the footer

Categories & Tags

Pages can include both, either, or neither Categories or Tags. To link to tags use the url /tags/ (e.g. and /categories/ for categories.


Site header

A side header can be added in config.toml.

site_logo = "/link/to/image"

It is possible to use full width image as well, using either /link/to/image#full (which will affect only this image and not the featured images for posts which may override the site header image) or site_logo_classes = "full-image" in config.toml (which will affect all header images, even if a featured image of a post overrides the site logo).

Featured images for posts

A featured image for a post which will be shown in list overviews and at the top of the post page can be added in the frontmatter.

images: ["/link/to/image"]

Here, too, it is possible to display the image in full width appending #full or #float to the URL (see below).

Featured images can override the site logo on the post page, using replace_site_logo: false in the frontmatter.

Images in text

Kiera supports adding image as img tag with standard Markdown:

![Image Title](link/to/image)

to wrap it with figure use:

{{< figure src="/link/to/image" >}}

The basic placement is 100% width within content and scaled accordingly in smaller screen. Recommended width for image is 600 pixels minimum.

Kiera supports different placement by adding:

  • For img, use ![Image Title](link/to/image#placement)
  • For figure, use {{< figure src="/link/to/image" class="placement" >}}

There are 4 configured placements

  • #full or class="full" for full width. full
  • #mid or class="mid" for middle: float-mid
  • #float or class="float" for float left: float-left
  • #float-right or class="float-right" for float right: float-right

Code highlight

Using fenced code with Chroma support.

Font Awesome icons

For usage, refer to Font Awesome.


Set Params.mathjax to true to enable support of mathematics display using MathJax. Math should be, by default, surrounded by dollar signs and produced using LaTeX syntax. Options may be overriden using static/js/mathjax-config.js.

Static Commenting

Disqus comments are loaded on demand, by clicking the View Comments button. Disqus comments can be automatically loaded and displayed by setting CommentAutoload = true in config.toml.

Utterances, a Git based comment system, is also available. Utterance comments are loaded and displayed by default.

Comments can be disabled for a single page by setting disableComments = true in the page frontmatter.

Last Modified Date

If the lastmod option is set on a page/post, either manually or because enableGitInfo is set to true, a line including the page's last modification will be shown after the post date.

Support and Pull Requests

Please use GitHub issues to file bugs. If you can help fixing bugs, optimize the theme or adding features, please do pull requests, I really love to see what others can come up with.


Kiera - A Hugo Theme for writing








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