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  • The home page for Furkle Industries.

    HTML 1 Updated Apr 26, 2019
  • Games and supplemental documentation for the IFTF's accessibility committee

    HTML 1 1 Updated Apr 23, 2019
  • A simple widget which converts plain JavaScript config objects into a responsive, modern imitation of an Apache 2 style automatic directory listing.

    JavaScript 1 Updated Apr 22, 2019
  • A small, reactive, responsive library for a puzzle design made with a table-style grid.

    JavaScript 1 Updated Apr 21, 2019
  • A lightweight, reactive hypertext fiction framework.

    TypeScript 3 1 GPL-3.0 Updated Mar 19, 2019
  • A full-service sound manager designed for use with hypertext fiction systems like Twine or Accelerator.

    TypeScript 1 GPL-3.0 Updated Mar 18, 2019
  • The devtool for the Accelerator story framework, allowing quick creation of new projects, and new passages within them.

    JavaScript 1 GPL-3.0 Updated Mar 16, 2019
  • A simple logging module with pleasing default colors and optional color arguments.

    JavaScript 1 Updated Mar 2, 2019
  • A tiny library of assertions that can be used to validate data integrity and optionally produce type inferences of the returned value at the same time.

    TypeScript 1 GPL-3.0 Updated Feb 21, 2019
  • The Node API and command-line interface for the Twine Package Manager.

    TypeScript 1 GPL-3.0 Updated Jan 21, 2019
  • An generator for IFIDs, or Interactive Fiction Identifiers, implementing RFC 4122 UUIDs and generation methods outlined in the Treaty of Babel, rev 9.

    TypeScript 2 GPL-3.0 Updated Jan 21, 2019
  • A basic configuration for using wallaby.js with TypeScript and Jest.

    JavaScript 1 GPL-3.0 Updated Jan 21, 2019
  • New version of Twine Package Manager. More details to follow.

    Python 2 GPL-3.0 Updated Dec 15, 2018
  • An RFC 4122 conformant UUID generator creating v1, v3, v4, and v5 UUIDs.

    TypeScript 1 Updated Nov 25, 2018
  • A set of gulp tasks for automating Docker tasks.

    JavaScript 1 Updated Jun 24, 2018
  • A package manager for modules, styles, and themes useful in writing hypertext fiction.

    Python 1 GPL-3.0 Updated May 23, 2018
  • Formal grammars and generated parsers for an abstract Twine interface.

    TypeScript 1 Updated Dec 26, 2017
  • Types, interfaces, abstract classes, and concrete classes for an abstract Twine symbology.

    TypeScript 1 Updated Dec 26, 2017
  • A virtual document standard for Twine static analysis and compilation.

    TypeScript 1 Updated Dec 14, 2017
  • A lightweight CommonJS and ES module loading system for Twine.

    JavaScript 1 Updated Dec 14, 2017
  • A basic static analysis tool for Twine, compatible with the Sugarcane, Sugarcube, Harlowe, and Gately formats.

    JavaScript 1 Updated Dec 13, 2017
  • The Node container, with building, web serving, and business logic, for a rich abstraction over package manager endpoints.

    JavaScript 1 Updated Oct 19, 2017
  • The back-end business logic container and PHP-FPM daemon for Twine Package Manager.

    PHP 1 GPL-3.0 Updated Oct 18, 2017
  • The nginx container and server configuration data for serving API requests and the back-end microclient.

    Python 1 Updated Oct 18, 2017
  • The redis container for the Twine Package Manager ephemeral key-value storage.

    1 Updated Oct 18, 2017
  • Initialization data for Twine Package Manager's relational database for storage of permanent data.

    PLpgSQL 1 Updated Oct 18, 2017
  • The top-level scripting tools for Twine Package Manager mainly focused around virtualization and containerization.

    Python 1 Updated Oct 9, 2017

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