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FuseSoC standard core library

This is the standard core library to be used with FuseSoC


This library will be automatically cloned to ~/.local/share/fusesoc/fusesoc-cores and added to fusesoc.conf when you run fusesoc init.

If you have a existing FuseSoC setup and the above does not work for you, please consider this alternative installation method. Use git to clone this repository and add it to your fusesoc.conf. For example in ~/.config/fusesoc/fusesoc.conf:

cores_root =
cache_root = /home/joe/work/fuse-cache
build_root = /home/joe/work/fuse-builds


Cores for FuseSoC should follow the following guidelines.

  • No Code Please do not store code in fusesoc-cores. Please store your code in a separate repo or somewhere it can be fetched with the url provider.
  • If your core is really small please consider storing in the tiny-cores repo.
  • Stay Modern Use the modern sections in your core file like fileset and parameter, please no obsolete verilog sections. For details on migrating old cores to the current standard please refer to the FuseSoC migration guide.
  • Versioning Each core should be versioned with either
    • Versioned For cores where the upstream provider provides a release version, in git using tags is ideal, please use the corresponding release version.
    • Pseudo-versioned When an core's upstream provider is out of your control and does not use versions please use version 0 and point to a location which is unique for that revision (e.g. the sha for git repos or revision for svn repos instead of pointing to master, which might change over time). If you need to refer to a newer version of the upstream repo, still without a proper version, step the revision number (0-r1, 0-r2..etc).


FuseSoC standard core library






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