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The Fusion Javascript Event Framework

Version: 1.0.0


As of right now, this framework only supports custom events. You cannot use this for events that are meant to be bound to elements.


This framework requires jQuery 1.9 or higher.

To Use

Creating Events

Right now, there are only two built in events. DOCUMENT_LOAD, and DOCUMENT_UNLOAD. To use your own custom events, you need to add them to the event list, which can be done as follows:

( function( fusion ) { 'SOME_EVENT_NAME', fusion.event.extend( { somevar: null } ) );

    // You can store those in classes too. For example, the DOCUMENT_LOAD stuff
    var func = fusion.event.extend( {
		window: window,
		document: document
    } ); 'DOCUMENT_LOAD', func );

} )( $.fn.fusion );

Binding Events (with priorities)

To bind to these events, we will be using the fuse method. Pretty simple, from the demo app:

You can get to the event's data with event.getData( [key] ).

// Note, by default $f is an alias of $.fn.fusion

// Create your first event. This has a default priority of 50.
$f.fuse( 'DOCUMENT_LOAD', function( event ) {
    event.getData( 'window' ).location.href += "#test";
} );

// Later down the line in your app, you want something bound before the above.
// So we create another bind, but set the priority to something lower than 50 (5 here).
$f.fuse( 'DOCUMENT_LOAD', function( event ) {
    event.getData( 'window' ).location.href += "#highesttest";
}, 5 );

// Even later down, we want something bound after the other two events.
// So we create another bind, but set the priority to something higher than 50 (70 here).
$f.fuse( 'DOCUMENT_LOAD', function( event ) {
    event.getData( 'window' ).location.href += "#test";
}, 70 );

You now have three binds on the DOCUMENT_LOAD event.

Firing Events

To fire these events, just call the ignite method, and pass in the event class's variables. Super simple.

For example, the DOCUMENT_LOAD and DOCUMENT_UNLOAD events.

$(function () {
    fusion.ignite( 'DOCUMENT_LOAD', { window: window, cheese: 'cheese' } );
    $( document ).unload( function( ) {
        fusion.ignite( 'DOCUMENT_UNLOAD', { window: window } );
    } )

If you noticed, as a test, I've added cheese: 'cheese' to the DOCUMENT_LOAD event, to see if you could access that on the page. You can test this yourself, but in the binds, you wont be able to access the cheese data, because it was never in the class properties.


If you would like to help with contributing, please do! Just fork this code, make your changes and put in a pull request. I would love for this framework to work with element bound events, but I don't have enough time to figure that out.

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