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Latest commit 1245731 Sep 19, 2011 @pakdel pakdel Silent installation on network
Like with the first dialog box "IP Adress" wich
propose the button "Yes to All", the same button
is added in dialog boxes "Agent execution failed"
and "Installation completed" in purpose to perform
silent installation on a network


= About =

This tool helps you install FusionInventory agent on Windows systems, remote or local:
 -set the server path with the optional credentials
 -configure the proxy settings
 -register the SSL certificat

It accepts IP subnets and IP ranges as remote Windows target systems on which FusionInventory agent would be installed. Following forms of remote windows hosts are accepted:
 - Single host name:
 - Single host IP:
 - IP list:,,
 - IP range: -
 - Network specified by subnet: /
 - Network specified by CIDR: / 24
As result, the following is a valid value for "Host(s)" in "Remote host
to be inventoried":,,, /, / 24

Or even you can leave it to the application to sweep your entire subnet
by selecting "Try the entire network subnet". If you have these network
eth0	inet addr:  Bcast:  Mask:
eth0:1	inet addr:  Bcast:  Mask:
eth1	inet addr:  Bcast:  Mask:
lo 	inet addr:  Mask:

It would be the same as specifying the following as "Host(s)":,,,
The trailing "," would be ignored.

= Build =

This is a comment qt4 application.


= License =

Copyright (c) 2011 FusionInventory Project
This is a GLPv2+ application