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layout: "post"
title: "Conditionals"
date: 2014-09-28
description: "Conditional statements, <code>if</code> and <code>else</code> conditions, ternary operators, places that you can use conditionals"
If/else conditions are incredibly useful when you want a part of your code to depend on something else. This gives maximum flexibility to write the type of logic that meets your needs.
## Conditionals inside declarations
Supoort for `if` statements within a declaration. Less uses a slightly unconventional syntax, but works as expected.
<%- @code('Conditionals', 'basic') %>
## Ternary operators
Ternary operators allow for a single-line if/else test in the format of `x > 0 ? true : false`.
<%- @code('Conditionals', 'ternary') %>
## Interpolate conditionals inside properties
Ability to interpolate `if` statements inside property names.
<%- @code('Conditionals', 'property') %>
## Interpolate conditionals inside selectors
Ability to interpolate `if` statements inside selectors - there probably aren't a lot of use cases for using tests inside a selector but one never knows.
<%- @code('Conditionals', 'selector') %>