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a static site generator
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a static site generator


  • convert markdown to html
  • pick a template engine (handlebars)
  • read a markdown file and turn it into html
  • figure out what type of data handlebars likes (instead of b-tree)
  • actually just use structs and derive for everything
  • read from a config.toml and store that (for basics like site name)
  • read a folder of markdown files and turn them into a folder of html
  • add toml frontmatter and turn that into metadata
  • render index.html list with set of posts
  • render a separate page for each post
  • make the rss template and render that too
  • robots.txt
  • parse dates with a helper function (also in the special rss spec)
  • make sure the posts show up in order (also to do with dates)
  • regenerate the entire build dir when run to make sure everything exists
  • specify folder layout in config.toml
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