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A custom org link type for pdf-tools
Emacs Lisp
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org-pdftools: a custom org link type for pdf-tools

This project was inspired by and built upon org-pdfview from @markus1189.


(use-package org-pdftools :config (setq org-pdftools-root-dir /path/you/store/pdfs))

Current features

The provided function includes:

  • [X] (Sort-of) backward compatibility with org-pdfview: simply change the link prefix from pdfview: to pdftools:.
  • [X] The reason this URL prefix change was proposed is that pdftools: links can also point to pdf-occur searchs. Multi-file search is also supported.
  • [X] There is also support for pdf-isearch.
  • [X] Beyond the original link implementation that stores only file path and page number, now you can store the precise location of annotations.
  • [X] If there are selected texts on the current PDF page, it will be marked-up using pdf-tools markup functions (by default, underline) automatically and the corresponding annotation id is stored in the link.

Integration with org-noter


  • [X] Integrate with org-noter, such that org-noter can remember the precise location (in the resolution of the exact annotation).
  • [X] Jump from a PDF annotation to a associated org-heading org-noter-sync-* and org-noter-jump-to-heading.
  • [X] Transform old org-noter notes to newer ones and sync with the corresponding PDF. org-noter-convert-old-notes
  • [-] PDF annotation will have full and synced information with the associated org-note. (Besides the note content, each annotate will record the IDs of the corresponding org heading and potentially even it’s parent org heading, such that tree-rebuild is possible.)

Planed features

This is the first step of a set of overhauls of Emacs PDF notetaking experience. The features below are planned (either in this package or as PR to other packages):

  • [ ] Optionally grab image/text excerpt from the PDF and insert below the corresponding org-heading.
  • [ ] Link export with image/text-based excerpt from the PDF.
  • [ ] (Long-term) Org <-> PDF Annotation converter.
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