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Text Style Transfer Data


Evaluation tool is in eval


  • put glove embedding in eval/word_emb.
  • Please follow to put test data.
  • The results of converting test data to style 0 is put in style0.txt and style 1 respectively.
  • test1 test2 test3 for different mode (autoencoder, style embedding. multi decoder).

Transfer Strength (Classifier)

$ python classifier data        # process data of classifier
$ python classifier train       # train classifier
$ python classifier test test1  # test classifier
                                # test1 is the test result dir
                                # results in test1/embedding/style0_classification.txt ...

Content reservation

$cd eval
$python test1   # test1 is the test result dir
                           # results in test1/embedding/style0_semantics.txt ...

Finally, run python to show results collection.


dir_name model_type      transfer_strength content_reservation mixture
test1     embedding8 		0.267 		0.943880306299 	0.208126303212
test1 	embedding4 		0.485 		0.915346000157 	0.317023657029
test1 	embedding 		0.593 		0.896598659955 	0.356930373024


Thanks for Fangfang Zhang and Yixin Zhang for helping compose data.