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Historical archive of GCARS-CS
C C++ Assembly
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GCARS-CS is a program for the Nintendo GameCube that runs games from any region, enables Action Replay-style cheats if desired, and allows some games to be played online on real GameCube hardware.

This repository is for historical, nostalgic, and perhaps educational use only. Do not expect this code to compile properly. None of the makefiles or build scripts are included.

This project includes code that was reverse-engineered by the GameCube homebrew community in ages long past, and has been included in other projects since then. I believe credit is given in comments where it's due, but this code is so old that I can't remember the origins of much of the library code and likely missed some credits. Apologies in advance.

Further apologies for the code quality. I was probably 13 years old when I wrote most of this.

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