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CLI to integrate continuous fuzzing with Fuzzit
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Fuzzit helps you integrate Continuous Fuzzing to your current CI/CD workflow

Fuzzit Introduction


Precompiled Binaries

You can download the precompiled release binary from releases via web or via


Go Get

Also, you can use the following command to download and compile (This usually takes some time so, it's usually faster to either download a pre-compiled release or download the source and build locally):

go get -v -u

Homebrew Tap

brew install fuzzitdev/tap/fuzzit
# After initial install you can upgrade the version via:
brew upgrade fuzzit


git clone
cd fuzzit
go build .


Fuzzit CLI can be used either locally or from your CI.

Run fuzzit --help to get a full list of commands, or check out our docs.


Fuzzit currently supports C/C++, Go and Rust

More information can be found in our docs.


Contributions are welcome. If you need an additional feature you can open a github issue, or send a PR if you'd like to contribute it. Before contributing a big feature please open an issue so we can discuss and approve it before a lot of code is written. For bugfixes also open an issue or PR.


Fuzzit CLI Version contains three components x.y.z . an increase in z ensures backward compatability while increase in y might introduce breaking changes.

Reporting Security Vulnerabilities

If you've found a vulnerability in Fuzzit please drop us a line at at .

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