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abstract core for tangible/movable user interfaces - easy to extend and implement in your own projects
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Abstract core for tangible/movable/dynamic user interfaces - easy to extend and implement in your own projects.

Under construction - feedback is welcome! Send me a message if you have any ideas, questions, suggestions or if you need help.


There are many well done GUI addons for openFrameworks out but most of them are panel based and only designed set up the applications. In many projects we need UI elements which we can drag around, drop here and there and create or delete on the fly - UI elements which can be part of the application. So the requirements for the UI change from project to project and instead of starting the next attempt to build THE GUI, ofxTangibleUI is meant to be an abstract core for dynamic GUIs.


  • dynamic UI objects

  • dependent movement between objects

    each object can listen to other objects movement and move in the same, oppesite, or otherwise modified direction or angle

  • easy to extend and implement

  • style and modify (by overriding functions)


  • openFrameworks 0.8
  • for the TUIO example -> ofxTuioWrapper


  • save and load from/to XML
  • more basic UI elements
  • examples and tutorials
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