🌊 Native Cocoa GUI for SSH sessions with OCaml powered backend
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Tallgeese is an OCaml/C/Objective-C based GUI for ssh. It is just for OS X

Working version that actually connects and works:



I usually dislike GUI tools but they really shine for that kind of implicit memorization that is needed for command line tools, especially for those that we configure basically once. So I made this because:

  1. I wanted a more enjoyable experience sshing into machines, hopefully multiple machines soon.
  2. I want to drag and drop files to remote machines.
  3. I want a record and more meta information about the machines I connect to, will be provided by bindings to libmaxminddb.
  4. I like Objective-C and I wanted to code in it.
  5. This is driving development on my bindings to libssh.
  6. Its OCaml + C + Objective-C, and it works, how cool is that!

Issues (There are many)

  1. Everything is sync, async will come later
  2. Only authenticating if you already have ssh keys known for a particular host
  3. I'm doing this completely without XCode, InterfaceBuilder so some things are somewhat harder to do or take me longer to figure out; Cocoa does a lot of magic.

Question: Where did the name come from? Answer: img