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@Groovounet Groovounet released this 11 Sep 11:03
· 1612 commits to master since this release
  • Added right and left handed projection and clip control support #447 #415 #119
  • Added compNormalize and compScale functions to GTX_component_wise
  • Added packF3x9_E1x5 and unpackF3x9_E1x5 to GTC_packing for RGB9E5 #416
  • Added (un)packHalf to GTC_packing
  • Added (un)packUnorm and (un)packSnorm to GTC_packing
  • Added 16bit pack and unpack to GTC_packing
  • Added 8bit pack and unpack to GTC_packing
  • Added missing bvec* && and || operators
  • Added iround and uround to GTC_integer, fast round on positive values
  • Added raw SIMD API
  • Added 'aligned' qualifiers
  • Added GTC_type_aligned with aligned vec types
  • Added GTC_functions extension
  • Added quaternion version of isnan and isinf #521
  • Added lowestBitValue to GTX_bit #536
  • Added GLM_FORCE_UNRESTRICTED_GENTYPE allowing non basic genType #543
  • Improved SIMD and swizzle operators interactions with GCC and Clang #474
  • Improved GTC_random linearRand documentation
  • Improved GTC_reciprocal documentation
  • Improved GLM_FORCE_EXPLICIT_CTOR coverage #481
  • Improved OpenMP support detection for Clang, GCC, ICC and VC
  • Improved GTX_wrap for SIMD friendliness
  • Added constexpr for vec, mat, quat and dual_quat types #493
  • Added NEON instruction set detection
  • Added MIPS CPUs detection
  • Added PowerPC CPUs detection
  • Use Cuda built-in function for abs function implementation with Cuda compiler
  • No more warnings for use of long long
  • Added more information to build messages
  • Fixed GTX_extended_min_max filename typo #386
  • Fixed intersectRayTriangle to not do any unintentional backface culling
  • Fixed long long warnings when using C++98 on GCC and Clang #482
  • Fixed sign with signed integer function on non-x86 architecture
  • Fixed strict aliasing warnings #473
  • Fixed missing vec1 overload to length2 and distance2 functions #431
  • Fixed GLM test '/fp:fast' and '/Za' command-line options are incompatible
  • Fixed quaterion to mat3 cast function mat3_cast from GTC_quaternion #542
  • Fixed GLM_GTX_io for Cuda #547 #546
  • Removed GLM_FORCE_SIZE_FUNC define
  • Deprecated GLM_GTX_simd_vec4 extension
  • Deprecated GLM_GTX_simd_mat4 extension
  • Deprecated GLM_GTX_simd_quat extension
  • Deprecated GLM_SWIZZLE, use GLM_FORCE_SWIZZLE instead
  • Deprecated GLM_MESSAGES, use GLM_FORCE_MESSAGES instead