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Javascript library for building APNG animation from multiple PNG files
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APNGBuilder is a JS library for build APNG (Animation PNG) image from PNG-image / Canvas.


apngbuilder.js --- JS library
testimg.html --- sample file (build from PNG image URL)
testblob.html --- sample file (build from PNG blob)
testcanvas.html --- sample file (build from Canvas)

How to Use

Load apngbuilder.js in the HTML file as follows:

<script src="apngbuilder.js"></script>

APNGBuilder consists of one class, APNGBuilder.

method description
new APNGBuilder() Construct new APNGBuilder instance
addFrame(src) Add a frame image. The src can be one of the following :
  • a URL that represents a PNG image
  • Blob object of PNG image
  • Canvas object
This method return Promise, then recommend to use async/await to call.
setDelay(t) Set frame delay in sec. The default value is 0.1 (sec).
setNumPlays(n) Set max loop count of the animation. If this value is 0 (default), it loops infinitely.
getAPng() Get the blob of APNG image data. The blob can be displayed via < img > tag and URL.createObjectURL(), or downloaded as local files via < a > tag.
  • Images to be added to a frame must be PNG format other than index color.
  • addFile(url)'s url may be a DataURL or a BlobURL. Frames will be added as many times as called this method.
  • The size of the APNG image is adjusted to the largest size of the PNG images to be added.
  • The delay time set by setDelay() is commonly used for all frames.

Sample Code

LiveDemo (from image)

LiveDemo (from blob)

LiveDemo (from canvas)

<script src="apngbuilder.js"></script>
async function main() {
  const apb = new APNGBuilder();    /* Create APNGBuilder instance */
  await apb.addFrame("images/1.png");  /* Add each frames */
  await apb.addFrame("images/2.png");
  await apb.addFrame("images/3.png");

  apb.setDelay(0.5);                /* Setup frame delay-time */
  apb.setNumPlays(0);               /* Setup number of loops. infinite if 0 */

  const blob = apb.getAPng();       /* Get the APNG blob */
  document.getElementById("result").src = URL.createObjectURL(blob);

function download(){
  let a = document.createElement("a"); = "test.png";
  a.href = document.getElementById("result").src;

<img id="result"/>
<button onclick="download()">Download</button>


Released under the MIT license.

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