Zeal integration plugin for KTextEditor
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ZealSearch is the Zeal integration plugin for KTextEditor-based editors(Kate, KWrite, KDevelop, Kile, etc).


  • Search selected text in Zeal
  • Configurable tying up docset filters to file extensions

How to install?

Installation process described for Ubuntu 14.04. Required package names and package manager may vary depending of your distro.

Run this command to install a packages required for building the plugin

sudo apt-get install git cmake build-essential kdelibs5-dev

Run this commands to clone this repo in /tmp, build and install the plugin

You need to change -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX:PATH parameter value from /usr to value suitable for your distro before running the commands listed below. Ubuntu users can leave this value as is.

mkdir /tmp/ZealSearch
cd /tmp/ZealSearch
git clone https://github.com/g3ar/ZealSearch.git
mkdir build
cd build

Run this for installing the plugin if build completes successfull.

sudo make install

Configuration tips

Start Kate after installing. Go to Settings -> Configure Kate -> Editor Components -> Extensions. Enable ZealSearch. Click configuration button. Here you can change path to zeal binary and tie docset filters to file extensions. Click Defaults button to see example. You can find more info about zeal docset filters at zeal usage page.

You can go to Settings -> Configure Shortcuts scroll down to ZealSearch and bind it to a key.


Developed and tested on Kubuntu 14.04. Still can be buggy. Use github issue tracker to report bugs.

Have a nice day:)