Using the X console

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The X tool is the lxHive administrators' best friend.

It enables you to administrate all parts of the LRS, ranging from setting up MongoDB indexes, adding OAuth clients, Basic auth tokens, new users, etc. This goes without saying, but you should restrict access to this tool only to administrators, as it provides full access to all LRS data.

** This is the current command set available via X: **

Available commands:
 help                  Displays help for a command
 list                  Lists commands
 auth:basic:create     Creates a new basic auth token
 auth:basic:delete     Deletes a token
 auth:basic:expire     Expires a token
 auth:basic:list       List tokens
 auth:scope:create     Creates a new authentication scope!
 oauth:client:create   Creates a new OAuth client
 oauth:client:list     Lists OAuth clients
 setup:db              Sets up the MongoDB database
 setup:oauth           Sets up default OAuth scopes
 user:create           Creates a new user

Tip: Multi-select commands accept comma-separated values

Please select which permissions you would like to enable (defaults to super). If you select super, all other permissions are also inherited: 
  [0] super
  [1] statements/read
  [2] statements/read/mine
  [3] attachments
  [4] state
  [5] profile
  [6] define
  [7] all/read
  [8] all
 > 1,3,4
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