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It's all gone pear-shaped Build Status

Easily switch between your vim configuration and your pair's vim configuration.


First, install Vundle. Then install this plugin:

Bundle "gabebw/pear_shaped"

How to use

Let's say you're gabe, and you're pairing with ben.

First, copy both of your dotfiles to ~/.pear_shaped/gabe and ~/.pear_shaped/ben, respectively. Make sure there's a vimrc file in both directories, and that you can :source them.

In vim:

:PearShaped ben

Now you're using ben's vim configuration. To switch back to gabe:

:PearShaped gabe


Let's Get Clever

You can also add two users and swap between them. Let's say you have ben and gabe's vimrcs set up like above. Now you can do:

:PearAdd gabe
:PearAdd ben

Since you added ben last, it's using his vimrc. Now you can do :PearSwap and you'll be back to using gabe's vimrc, then :PearSwap to go back to ben, etc.

If you want to pair with someone else, call :PearClearUsers to clear the users and then :PearAdd the two new users.

OK, what does it actually do?

This plugin will, in order:

  • Clear all mappings
  • Reset every option (set with :set) back to its default
  • Source the desired vimrc


If you want to put your configuration files somewhere other than ~/.pear_shaped, you can change it:

let g:pear_shaped_directory = "~/.vim/pear_shaped"

Running the plugin's tests


If you get errors on OSX about Vimrunner, try installing MacVim then re-running the specs:

$ brew install macvim


Gabe Berke-Williams, 2011-present. Fueled by azuki cream pastries, thai iced tea, and (regarding vimscript) loathing.