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Data Analysis Case Study codebase for R, Python and Stata

R, Python and Stata code for
Data Analysis for Business, Economics, and Policy
by Gábor Békés (CEU) and Gábor Kézdi (U. Michigan)
Published on 6 May 2021 by Cambridge University Press

How to use

On the textbook's website, we have detailed discussion of how to set up libraries, get data and code: Overview of data and code

To see options for various languages, check out:

  1. R -- How to run code in R
  2. Stata -- How to run code in Stata
  3. Python -- How to run code in Python

Status (25 November, 2022)

The Latest release, 0.8.3 "Ethics Gradient" was released on 25 November.

In the latest release we did some refactoring re Python and R codes. We continuously monitor bugs and do regular, if mostly minor updates.


  1. Each case study has a separate folder.
  2. Within case study folders, codes in different languages are simply stored together.
  3. Data should be downloaded and stored in a separate folder.

Code language versions

  1. R -- We used R 4.0.2.
  2. Stata -- We used version 15, allmost all code should work in version 13 up.
  3. Python -- We used Python 3.8.0.

Get data

Data is hosted on

Get data by datasets

Found an error or have a suggestion?

Awesome, we know there are errors and bugs. Or just much better ways to do a procedure.

To make a suggestion, please open a github issue here with a title containing the case study name. You may also contact us directctly. Cheers!


Codes for case studies for the Bekes-Kezdi Data Analysis textbook







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