A modern theme for Hacker News, with some added niceties.
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HN Special — A Hacker News extension

A theme and extension for Hacker News that improves the look and feel and adds some interesting features.


The available features can be enabled or disabled based on your personal preference. New feature contributions are welcome!

You can install this extension from the Chrome Web Store.


  • A modern looking visual theme
  • Infinite scrolling
  • Open links in new tab
  • More accurate domain names
  • Mark as read (thanks to @taeram)
  • Sticky header (thanks to @obeattie)
  • Grey visited links (thanks to @bjenik)
  • User information tooltips (thanks to sebmck)
  • Firefox support (thanks to PxlBuzzard and ColdenCullen)

Potential future features

  • Hide articles with certain keywords



Go ahead and install HN Special from the Chrome Web Store.


For now, download the .xpi from the Releases section.


Please see the contributing guide »

Notable mentions

Many thanks to @taeram, @obeattie, @bjenik, sebmck and @messaged for the contributions!


HN Special is licensed under the MIT License.