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use your python snippets from your as regression tests
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Steady Mark

version 0.7.3 Build Status Badge meme

Turning your github readme files into python test suites since 2012

Steady Mark was created for python developers that love Github and markdown.

How it works:

Write your documentation using github-flavored markdown, surround your snippets with python code blocks and steadymark will automatically find and run them, if there is a header preceeding your python snippet it will be used as title for your test.


  • Add test coverage to your app/library while documenting it
  • Never have old malfunctional examples on your project's main page in github
  • It uses misaka which is a python-binding of sundown, the markdown engine that github uses in itself


unicode.lower transforms string into lowercase

from sure import expect
assert expect(u"Gabriel Falcao".lower()).equals(u"gabriel falcao")

python can add numbers

assert (2 + 2) == 4, 'oops baby'

Start using steady mark now!

This is the code for the example above, copy and paste in you python project right now and start keeping your documentation up-to-date with the code.

# My project name
`version 0.1`

## unicode.lower transforms string into lowercase

assert "LOWERCaSe".lower() == "lowercase"

## python can add numbers

assert (2 + 2) == 5, 'oops baby'

Just run with:

$ steadymark

loading a python file before running tests

you can tell steadymark to load a "boot" file before running the tests, it's very useful for hooking up sure or HTTPretty

Steadymark is on version 0.7.3

>>> from sure import expect
>>> from steadymark import version
>>> assert expect(version).should.equal("0.7.3")
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