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This is the third version of my web development and software engineering portfolio. My first was a simple React application which morphed into something that resembles this current iteration. I decided to redesign and redevlop my page with Next.js for the SEO benefits and for my future plans to integrate my blog as well as some blogs that will go alongside each of my projects to docuemnt my expierneces working on them.

Currently working on

  • Integrated Blog
  • Layouts, Data, Blogs, MDX Components, overall file structure
  • Styling for all blogs
  • Custom Prism.js to match my IDE theme


  • "/" Currently I have a landing page that prominently displays my most current public projects as well as Open Source projects I have contributed to with links to their respective repos.

  • "/blog" I have fully integrated a blog landing page, right now I have been focusing on optimizing this setup for reusability and performance. I am excited for the upcoming blur up optimization for next/image. To get off the ground with my blog I have exported existing blogs as markdown and am working through the overall styling and components I would like to use as I move forward writing blogs on my own platform! After this system is worked out I will be adding a "/projects" that will have nice GIFs and blogs accompanying them including some that are not yet public!

Fork, Clone, Run

If you are interested I would encourage you to feel free to clone or fork down this repo.

$ git clone
$ cd
$ yarn install
$ yarn dev

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Portfolio developed with Next.js






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