A webpack bundle-loader ripoff with promise interface
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A sister of bundle-loader with promise API


Documentation: Using loaders

This is a ripoff of bundle-loader that uses promises instead of callbacks. It only implements so-called lazy bundle-loader mode—that is, require returns a function that, when invoked, returns a promise that resolves to the module.

require: (string) -> () -> Promise<module>

It's up to you to specify your Promise library of choice as a parameter.

// Assuming you use Bluebird
var load = require("promise?bluebird!./file.js");

// The chunk is not requested until you call the load function
load().then(function(file) {


If a promise library is already loaded externally you can specify 'global'.

You can optionally specify a name for your chunk after a comma:

var load = require("promise?bluebird,editor!./editor.js");

This can be useful for single-page apps because you can later extract filenames from Webpack-generated stats and pre-load specific bundles if you know user's going to hit them.

The bundle name may include [filename], which will be replaced with the filename, and [name], which omits the extension. This is useful for when you want to configure loaders in Webpack configuration without specifying precise filenames—for example, by a suffix:

  test: /\.i18n\.json$/,
  loader: 'promise?global,[name].i18n'


MIT (http://www.opensource.org/licenses/mit-license.php)