Refresh on Steve Murawski's and Dave Wyatt's Dsc Tooling module.
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PowerShell DSC Configuration Module

Toolkit to Manage DSC configuration Data and Credentials.

This is a refreshed version of Steve Murawski's DscConfiguration module from PowerShell.Org repository, with the content added by Dave Wyatt and other contributors.

Project goals

The goals are to:

  • Target WMF5 to benefit from the improvement of the latest additions to DSC
  • Re-target the dependencies to the ones managed by the PowerShell Team
  • Improve maintainability by refactoring, completing the test suites and decoupling from other tools/modules
  • Harmonisation of the command names and parameters
  • improving discoverability of the project by documenting and publishing the module
  • Build up on the existing and enhance its functionalities

The Project for the next version is on the Project page: DscConfiguration v3.0.0