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NeRFace: Dynamic Neural Radiance Fields for Monocular 4D Facial Avatar Reconstruction [CVPR 2021 Oral Presentation]

Guy Gafni1, Justus Thies1, Michael Zollhöfer2, Matthias Nießner1

1 Technichal University of Munich, 2Facebook Reality Labs


ArXiv: PDF, abs

Project Page & Video:

If you find our work useful, please include the following citation:

    author    = {Gafni, Guy and Thies, Justus and Zollh{\"o}fer, Michael and Nie{\ss}ner, Matthias},
    title     = {Dynamic Neural Radiance Fields for Monocular 4D Facial Avatar Reconstruction},
    booktitle = {Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR)},
    month     = {June},
    year      = {2021},
    pages     = {8649-8658}

Dataset and License

Dataset is available for download here or from here. Please do not use it for commercial use and respect the license attached within the zip file. (The material in this repository is licensed under an Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International license).

If you make use of this dataset or code, please cite our paper. MIT License applies for the code.

Code Structure The nerf code is heavily based on this repo by Krishna Murthy. Thank you!

Installation etc: Originally the project used torch 1.7.1, but this should also run with torch 1.9.0 (cuda 11). If you get any errors related to torchsearchsorted, ignore this module and don't bother installing it, and comment out its imports. Its functionality is impmlemented in pytorch. These two are interchangeable:

    #inds = torchsearchsorted.searchsorted(cdf, u, side="right")  # needs compilationo of torchsearchsorted
    inds = torch.searchsorted(cdf.detach(), u, right=True)  # native to pytorch 

The main training and testing scripts are and, respectively. They are in the main working folder which is in nerface_code/nerf-pytorch/

The training script expects a path to a config file, e.g.:

python --config ./path_to_data/person_1/person_1_config.yml

The eval script will also take a path to a model checkpoint and a folder to save the rendered images:

python --config ./path_to_data/person_1/person_1_config.yml --checkpoint /path/to/checkpoint/checkpoint400000.ckpt --savedir ./renders/person_1_rendered_frames

The config file must refer to a dataset to use in dataset.basedir. Download the dataset from the .zip shared above, and place it in the nerf-pytorch directory.

If you have your own video sequence including per frame tracking, you can see how I create the json's for training in the file (main function). This does not include the code for tracking, which unfortunately I cannot publish.

Don't hesitate to contact [guy.gafni at] for additional questions, or open an issue here.

Code for the webpage is borrowed from the ScanRefer project.


Dynamic Neural Radiance Fields for Monocular 4D Facial Avater Reconstruction






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