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OCaml bindings for Oracle Coherence
C OCaml C++ Shell
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COH*ML: Ocaml bindings for Coherence. Very experimental. 

	- connecting to a cache
	- put/get of string key-value pairs 
	- listen for events (ditto)
	- get/put of Message datatype (id, priority, subject, message body)
	- query of Message type by priority
	- listen for events on Message type

To use:
	- go to the server/ directory, edit for the locations of
	  your Java and C++ Coherence installations, and run it. This will start
	  a basically sane Coherence
	- go to cpptest/, make and run cpptest. This will verify that C++ can
	  talk to Coherence
	- return to the main directory, and make the binaries

See blog at for more details.
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