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A PostgreSQL SQL syntax beautifier.
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A PostgreSQL SQL syntax beautifier.


This project is a thin wrapper of Execution of the module relies on Perl being available on the host system.


import {
} from 'pg-formatter';

format(`SELECT foo FROM bar`);


Configuration Format Default Description pgFormatter equivalent
anonymize boolean false Obscure all literals in queries, useful to hide confidential data before formatting. anonymize
functionCase string ("unchanged", "lowercase", "uppercase", "capitalize") unchanged Change the case of the function names. function-case
keywordCase string ("unchanged", "lowercase", "uppercase", "capitalize") unchanged Change the case of the reserved keyword. keyword-case
spaces number 4 Number of spaces to indent the code. spaces
stripComments boolean false Remove any comment from SQL code. nocomment
placeholder string (regex) N/A Regex to find code that must not be changed. placeholder
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