So you've created and Open-source Software Tool for Art: a helpful zine
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So you've created and Open-source Software Tool for Art: a helpful zine


This is a zine about making Open Source (or at least open-ish) tools for the Arts. It was made after conversations with many open source tool-makers to encapsulate the best of our knowledge about how to guide our tool, documentation, and community. It's creative commons, so feel free to share (but please attribute me and don't use it commercially without asking)

"Oops, I made an open-source art tool!", by Kate Compton, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License, Aug 22, 2018


Since this is a zine about running an open source project, it is itself open source. You are welcome to contribute, or fork it for your own purposes. Welcome contributions: copy-editing, new references, and new resources (especially funding sources!) For any other contributions, keep in mind that I hope to keep this zine at a printable length (Ideally i need to cut it down to 8 pages, 9 is awkward!) and at a welcoming and not overwhelming tone (we tool developers are a fragile population)

This project follows the Contributor Convenant