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ImportJS helps you import JavaScript dependencies. Hit a keyboard shortcut to automatically add import x from 'y' statements at the top of the file.

Demo of ImportJS in action


ImportJS is meant to be used as a Pathogen plugin. Just git clone this repo into the bundles folder and you are good to go!

git clone ~/.vim/bundle/vim-import-js


ImportJS works in Vim (version 8 and later) and Neovim.

You need import-js installed globally to use this plugin.

npm install -g import-js

Default mappings

By default, ImportJS attempts to set up the following mappings:

Mapping Command Description
<Leader>j :ImportJSWord Import the module for the variable under the cursor.
<Leader>i :ImportJSFix Import any missing modules and remove any modules that are not used.
<Leader>g :ImportJSGoto Go to the module of the variable under the cursor.


For import-js configuration see


If you run into issues when using the plugin, adding some logging can help. After starting up vim, and before you've imported anything, run this command:

:call ch_logfile('channel_log.txt', 'w')

After this, you should get useful information in channel_log.txt.

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