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You want to help and give some of the great icons you made to the community? Thanks!

There are two ways to do it, depending of your tech skills:

  • You're already a GitHub user ⇒ open a Pull Request on this repo.
  • You have no idea of what git is all about => send your icons by email to

Whatever options you choose, please consider the following guidelines to facilitate the process.


Table of content

  • Author and License
  • File format / Directories tree
  • Art consideration

Author and License provides icons for free. Most of them are released under the Creative Commons BY 3.0, others as Public Domain resources.

All the icons you decide to share with us will also be released under the aforementioned CC-BY license (or CC0 if you explicitly mention it).

In both cases, we will obviously promote your authorship on each page displaying your creations and in each zip files downloaded.

To do so, we need a few info minor info about you :

  • Your name or your nickname. This will be public.
  • Your website / artist page address. Optional.

File format / Directories tree

Your files must be sent as individual SVG, a popular vector format that can be exported from Inkscape or Illustrator. We will take care of the automatic PNG generation for you.

Filenames must be in lowercase, words separated by a dash and in English with no weird characters:


Super Dragon.SVG



They are already thousands of icons available. Sometimes, different artist want to depict the same thing. To avoid name collisions, icons are organised like this:

/ artist / icon

For example :

/ lorc / wolf.svg
/ delapouite / water-gun.svg
/ delapouite / zat-gun.svg

By following this hierarchical structure, we assure that each artist is free to name their icons the way they want.

Design / art rules

Try to keep the original look'n'feel of the collection.

Please follow Lorc's advices on the topic :

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