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GMenuNX is a fork of GMenu2X developed to Retrogame RS-97, released under the GNU GPL license v2.

View releases changelog.


Unpack the latest Release over your current GMenu2X directory, or download the latest binary and replace it in your device.

(Re)Boot your device and enjoy GMenuNX.


  • A: Accept / Launch selected link / Confirm action;
  • B: Back / Cancel action / Goes up one directory in file browser;
  • Y: Bring up the manual/readme;
  • L, R: Switch between sections / PageUp/PageDown on lists;
  • START: GMenu2X settings;
  • SELECT: Bring up the contextual menu;
  • SELECT + L: Volume control;
  • SELECT + R: Take a screenshot;
  • BRIGHTNESS: Change screen brightness;
  • POWER: Toggle Suspend mode;
  • POWER (hold): Bring up Poweroff dialog.
  • TV-Out: (Dis)Connect the TV-out plug to toggle TV-out signal.

In settings:

  • A, LEFT, RIGHT: Accept, select or toggle setting;
  • B: Back or cancel edits and return;
  • START: Save edits and return;
  • SELECT: Clear or set default value.

How to have previews in Selector Browser

  • Select the link you want to edit and press "menu";
  • Edit the link;
  • Configure the link to match your directory structure. Important fields:
    • Selector Directory: The directory of your roms
    • Selector Browser: Enable selector before launching the app
    • Selector Filter: Filter extensions to be shown in the selector. Separe multiple extensions with commas.
    • Selector Screenshots: The directory of the screenshots/preview of your roms. It can be different than your roms directory.
  • The name of the file of rom and preview have to be exactly the same. Suported image types are .png or .jpg;

How to create battery logs

To get data of your battery charge and discharge cycle:

  • Enter the Battery Logger;
  • Do a full charge;
  • After charged, remove the cable;
  • Stay in this screen and wait until it discharges totally;

Repeat how many times you wish and can.

New data will be printed on screen every minute and will be saved in file battery.csv located in gmenu2x folder.

The fields logged are:

  • Time: Time in milliseconds since GMenuNX started;
  • BatteryStatus: Computed battery status, from 0 (discharged) to 4 (charged) and 5 (charging);
  • BatteryLevel: Raw battery level as given by system.


I want to thanks @msx, @m1024x and @jutley for all the support they are giving, testing and reporting bugs.


GMenu2X Copyright (c) 2006-2010 Massimiliano Torromeo; GMenuNX 2018 by @pingflood;

Visit the Dingoonity thread and the Discord channel!

GMenu2X homepage for more info.


GMenu 1X, 2X, 3X (...) NX: GMenuNX is a fork of GMenu2X developed to Retrogame RS-97







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