🔌 A PHP implementation of the Spiget.org API
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Spiget.org PHP API Client

This library is a basic PHP implementation of the Spiget.org API.


This library uses the HTTPlug HTTP client abstraction library - meaning you can use your favourite HTTP library with it!

For a quick and easy way to use this library in your project, via composer, run the following:

  composer require php-http/curl-client guzzlehttp/psr7 php-http/message gamepanelio/spiget-api

There are also lots of different libraries that you can use with HTTPlug. To see how to use different libraries please refer to the HTTPlug documentation.


Simply instantiate a new Spiget() class, and use the methods it provides:


use GamePanelio\SpigetApi\Spiget;

$spiget = new Spiget("My_cool_user_agent/1.0");

$response = $spiget->getResourceSearch(
        /* ... additional parameters ... */

Return Data

Each method returns a PSR-7 Response.

$response = $spiget->getResourcesList();

// To get the response data
// or
var_dump(json_decode($response->getBody(), true));

// To get the page count, etc

API Errors and Exceptions

Any response which is not successful (HTTP code <200>=300) will throw a ApiCommunicationException.

If you are using a library that throws PSR-7 errors for such responses (for example, Guzzle), they will be wrapped and you can access the PSR-7 exception via the ->getPrevious() method.

Naming Conventions

Each method provided by the Spiget class has a naming convention of the following format:



This library is licensed under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.