A command-line utility to send encrypted emails via SMTP with OpenPGP.js and Nodemailer.
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###This project is NOT being maintained.

If you have any questions please email me at gmontalvo@protonmail.com


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A command-line utility to send encrypted emails via SMTP with OpenPGP.js and Nodemailer.

mailock is a simple command-line utility that lets you encrypt and decrypt your files, sign and verify your messages, and send out content securely through SMTP using the Nodemailer library. Taking advantage of Node.js's great cross-platform support, this project aims to make use of these libraries and making standard PGP encryption services available in one package.


npm install -g mailock

Key Pair generation

Generate your private and public keys.

mailock --keygen


mailock encrypt receiver@someserver.com plaintextFile


mailock decrypt user@someserver.com encryptedMessage

Message authentication and integrity checking

Sign your message

mailock sign user@someserver.com messagefile

Verify signature

mailock verify user@someserver.com message

Returns true if signature validation is successful.

Third party libraries

All of the project's file security methods are done using the OpenPGP.js library, and email service with Nodemailer.

For more information on how these libraries work, please check out their GitHub pages: