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Cache with confidence πŸŽ‰ Ultra fast & tiny(around 1kb gzipped) in-memory JavaScript cache with near realtime cache expiry feature ⚑
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Cache with confidence πŸŽ‰

Ultra fast & tiny(around 1kb gzipped) in-memory JavaScript cache with near realtime cache expiry feature ⚑

Works in any JavaScript runtime(node or browser) ✨

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Table of Contents



npm install pure-cache


yarn add pure-cache

UMD build

<script src=""></script>

Basic usage

  • Import library
    import PureCache from 'pure-cache';
    // or const PureCache = require('pure-cache');
  • Create cacheStore instance
    // Create instance of cache store and set cache expiry timeout to 500ms
    const cacheStore = new PureCache({ expiryCheckInterval: 500 });
  • Setup expiry handler
    // Setup a expiry listener, this will be called when data expires
    const onExpiry = ({ key, data: { value, expiryAt } }) => {
        // Do something with expired key
        console.log(`Key:${key} with value:${value} expired at ${expiryAt}.`);
    cacheStore.on('expiry', onExpiry);
  • Put/Get data from cacheStore
    // Put 'bar' data into 'foo' key in cache and configure it to expire after 30s
    cacheStore.put('foo', 'bar', 30000);
    // Get 'foo' key value from cache
    cacheStore.get('foo'); // { value: 'bar', addedAt: 1527052395294, expiryAt: 1527052425294 }
  • Wait for expiry
    // Wait till expiry time(basically 30+ seconds in this case)
    const wait = t => new Promise(r => setTimeout(r, t));
    await wait(31000);
    // Now the cache will return null value for 'foo' key
    cacheStore.get('foo'); // null
  • Cleanup listeners
    // remove listeners after you are done'expiry', onExpiry);
    // IMPORTANT! When done, make sure you cleanup the instance

Checkout API for advanced usage.


Events are triggered when operations like add, get, remove, clear are performed on cacheStore or when the cache expires.

  • expiry
    cacheStore.on('expiry', ({ key, data: { value, addedAt, expiryAt } }) => {
        // ...
  • add
    cacheStore.on('add', ({ key, data: { value, addedAt, expiryAt } }) => {
        // ...
  • get
    cacheStore.on('get', ({ key, data: { value, addedAt, expiryAt } }) => {
        // ...
  • remove
    cacheStore.on('remove', ({ key, data: { value, addedAt, expiryAt } }) => {
        // ...
  • clear
    cacheStore.on('clear', () => {
        // ...



Thanks for taking time to contribute, please read docs and checkout src to understand how things work.

Reporting Issues

Found a problem? Want a new feature? First of all see if your issue or idea has already been reported. If don't, just open a new clear and descriptive issue.

Submitting pull requests

Pull requests are the greatest contributions, so be sure they are focused in scope, and do avoid unrelated commits.

  • Fork it!
  • Clone your fork: git clone<your-username>/pure-cache
  • Navigate to the newly cloned directory: cd pure-cache
  • Create a new branch for the new feature: git checkout -b my-new-feature
  • Install the tools necessary for development: yarn
  • Make your changes.
  • Commit your changes: git commit -am 'Add some feature'
  • Push to the branch: git push origin my-new-feature
  • Submit a pull request with full remarks documenting your changes



MIT License Β© Ganapati V S

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