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Ganbox Filter (Question2Answer plugin)


Plugin for additional filtering of user input during question adding. The plugin supports switchable options in admin panel:

  • Prevent question title duplicates;
  • Capitalize only the first character of the question title;
  • Delete the different types of quotation marks at the start and the end of the question;
  • Add a question mark (only one) at the end of the question title if not present (without raising error);
  • Search for at least one latin letter (A-Za-z) in the question title (disabled by default);
  • Search for at least one cyrillic symbol in the question title (disabled by default).


The plugin supports language files. For new language you can copy qa-ganbox-lang-en-GB.php to new file qa-ganbox-lang-xx-XX.php (where xx and XX is your language code) and translate strings after sign "=>" to your language.


  1. Download and extract the files to your plugins folder (e.g. qa-plugins/ganbox-filter).
  2. Enter the admin panel of your website and choose needed options.

Pay What You Like

Most of my code is released under the open source GPL license, and provided with a 'Pay What You Like' approach. Feel free to download and modify the plugins/themes to suit your needs, and I hope you value them enough to donate a few dollars.

Please Donate here

More information

Ganbox filter plugin version 1.0 for Question2Answer (
Tested on Question2Answer versions: 1.8.3, 1.8.1 and 1.6.3 (minimum version: 1.5 required)
Author: Georgi Stefanov
Author website: Ganbox - New Generation SEO Services
Start Date: 2014-04-18
Last Update: 2019-07-21
Plugin License: GPLv2


Ganbox filter plugin for Question2Answer



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