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Automated Python Scripts
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100 days 100 Scripts

For a long time, I wanted to take up this challenge. But I was always procrastinating. Finally, I started this last week.

The objective of the challenge is very simple. I will write 1 python script a day for 100 days. It doesn't matter it's small or big, doesn't matter it's deep learning or executing the shell command, I just gotta write the code daily.

Day 1: generate_chrome_icon

  • This script will generate different resoltion icons for chrome extensions when you give a png or JPG as input.

Day 2: generate_two_display_wallpaper

  • This script will merge two wallpaper horizontally and generates two monitor wallpaper.

Day 3: download_all_images

  • When a static link is given it will scrap the page and download all the images in the page.

Day 4: zip_react_projects

  • It removed the node_modules and create a zip of the react project. Will be helpful to zip and mail it to someone.

Day 5:

  • This script will read the last updated python file in the folder and automatically append it into the with the day number

Day 6:

  • This scripts helps you to convert the given PDF into CSV file and stores it in local

Day 7:

  • This script will automatically track the updated files and commit those files and push them to the git.

Day 8:

  • This script will randomly select an image file from a folder of files and update the wallpaper in ubuntu

Day 9:

  • This script checks if a site is active or not in the given intervals. if it's down it sends a notification.

Day 10:

  • This script uses a template and generates my 100 days python scripts posts for by checking the last updated file in Readme. This is helpful for me to quickly update post without manually copy pasting things again and again

Day 11:

  • A one-line script that notifies the user with the given title and message. Could be helpful to remind your daily tasks with the help of cron or schedule module from python

Day 12:

  • If you are annoyed by opening recently played videos again and again it's the script for you. You can schdule this script so whenever you open your system it will automatically resume that last player vlc video with the paused seconds.

Day 13:

  • have you ever annoyed with a lot of unorganized files in your download folder? if yes, this extension will help you with automatically organize the files based on its type. Schedule it as a cron job, you never have to worry about organizing a folder manually. feel free to add more types if you need.

Day 14:

  • This script will print the n number of biggest files in the specified dir and it's sub dir. It will be helpful when you want to free up some space in HD

Day 15:

  • This script will randomly pick a sub_reddit from the list of your favs and randonly pick one of the top post and notify it. You can add it to cron and get random posts hourly.

Day 16:

  • This is a decorator script in Python, When you use @log as a decorator for the function it can automatically log the function name and the execution time it took.

Day 17:

  • Whenever I came across new framework or tech terms or articles, I have a habit of adding them into my learning Trello board. Later I can to look up and start learning if I find it useful. But it was harder for me to open trello and add it every time. So I wrote this script. Now I have to just copy the new term to clipboard and click on the script which is executable formate( or as a shortcut ), The term will be stored into Trello and a new notification pops up.
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