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Erni's WebVR talk
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Intro to WebXR with AFRAME (FE BCN Talk)

Hey, there! Here I attached the 3 demos I'm showing today.


Treat every one of each them as a sepparate project. All of them have their spparated package.json; so you need to npm i each folder: (If you are on Bash [and have the && command])

> cd ./1-hello-world/ && npm i
  && cd ../2-hello-webvr-vue/ && npm i
  && cd ../3-angle/ && npm i
  && cd ../4-adding-interactions/ && npm i

To launch the local development server, these projects use different packages; that will be installed locally for them.

Start (Compiles and hot-reloads for development)

> npm run dev

All of them are run with the same command event it will not do the same. But for demo reasons I will not enter in details. Pst: parcel is great!

It will start the same port for all of them: 1234

To share local host with secure tunnels

As shown in the demo, I'm using:

> ngrok http --host-header=rewrite 1234 # (in case of the 2nd example)

Second example has a special http server (special for SPAs, for Vue).

> ngrok http 1234 # (in the other ones)
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