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The GAP 4 package `qaos'


- get and install curl

Installing this package

This latest version of this package is available at

There are two ways of installing the package.  If you have permission
to add files to the installation of GAP 4 on your system you may
install the qaos-gap package into the pkg/ subdirectory of the GAP
installation tree.

--  Installation in the GAP 4 pkg subdirectory on a Unix system.

    We assume that the archive file qaos-gap.tar.bz2 or qaos-gap.tar is
    present in pkg and that the current directory is pkg.  All that needs
    to be done is to unpack the archive.

    bash> tar xjf qaos.tar.bz2       # for the gzipped tar-archive
    bash> gap4
    [... startup messages ...]
    gap> LoadPackage("qaos");

--  Installation in a private directory

    We assume that we are in a directory called  <mygap>  which also
    contains the archive file of the package.

    bash> mkdir pkg
    bash> cd pkg/
    bash> tar xjf ../qaos.tar.bz2

    When you start GAP 4 you have to use the option -l in the
    following manner:

    gap4 -l ";<mygap>"

    Note the semicolon!  It is imortant to have it there.  The effect
    is that the directory <mygap> is appended to the list of
    directories which GAP searches for input data.  Note that you do
    not say <mygap>/pkg.