A collection of Connect IQ apps.
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A collection of Connect IQ apps and libraries


This repo is officially maintained by the Garmin Connect IQ team, containing a small set of reference examples and monkey barrel code libraries. It is our hope that this repository will extend the resources available to our developers to help them build exciting new content!

What's in the Repo?

Audio Content Provider Apps : Special apps that are used directly by the device media player to acquire and play audio content.

Barrels : Monkey Barrels are a way for developers to create custom Monkey C libraries containing source code and resource information that can be easily shared across Connect IQ Projects. To find out more about Monkey Barrels, please see the Shareable Libraries chapter in the Programmer's Guide.

Data Fields : Apps that run within the native activities that allow developers to compute values based off of the current activity, such as running, biking, etc.

Device Apps : More capable than the other app types, device apps can implement third party activities and provide additional functionality that is not otherwise addressed by the other available app types.

Watch Faces : Low power apps that replace the main watch face and are the home screen on wearable devices.

Widgets : At-a-glance apps that are readily accessible from the watch face or device home screen. Widgets automatically close after a period of inactivity

To find out more about the Connect IQ Application Types type please see the Application Types chapter in the Programmer's Guide.

Other Useful Info


The Connect IQ forum provides access to our our community of amazing developers, as well as the ear of the Connect IQ team, and includes several spaces for interaction:

Please be sure to refer to the forum rules when using the general forums and the bug reports forum rules when posting to the bug reports forum.

Helpful Links:

If you would like to get in touch with the Connect IQ team directly, you may do so by emailing ConnectIQ@garmin.com.

Thank you!

-The Connect IQ Team