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Multiuploader demo (no flash) (PROHIBITED)!
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Django Multiuploader Demo

WARNING this repo is prohibited and will no longer be supported.
fell free to visit plugin usage example (newer version) used in this demo:

Readme for demo of Django Multiuploader using jQuery Plugin by Sebastian Tschan(

This is an example usage of multiupload form from Sebastian Tschan.
It uses jQuey UI and jQuery instead of Flash uploader.
On Django side it uses sorl-thumbnails and PIL.
You can easily rewrite it for usage of any other libs of your choice.

    - PIL(Python Imaging Library)
    - sorl-thumbnail's(

Demo Database login data:
    username: user
    password: password
Hope to develop this project to a easy usable plugin soon, using templatetags and 
standalone app conceptions.
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