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Crawls servers hosting multi-player game and saves information via ORM into DB. Acts as an alternative master server.


Needed: Docker, Docker Compose

You also need to have the docker-compose.yml file from this repository locally.

Run docker-compose run master alembic upgrade head to upgrade the DB schema. It needs to be run before the first use and on every change of the schema. It will create a SQLite DB in volume/db.sqlite by default, but you can use PostgreSQL/MySQL if you want to.

Run docker-compose up to start all services. Ctrl+C to exit.

If you want them demonized, use docker-compose up -d and docker-compose down.

There will be a volume directory created (if it already does not exist). It can contain db.sqlite and (overwritten settings) and the services will use them.

Published ports are:

  • 28900 TCP for the master server (game clients fetch the servers list here)
  • 27900 UDP for the heartbeat service (game servers introduce themselves here)


Optionally, can contain:

# PostgreSQL:
DATABASE = 'postgresql://<user>:<password>@<host>[:<port>]/<dbname>[?<options>]'

# MySQL:
DATABASE = 'mysql+pymysql://<user>:<password>@<host>[:<port>]/<dbname>[?<options>]'

# Logging aggregation:
SENTRY_DSN = 'https://<key>:<secret><project>'

# Counting statistics:

You can pass those values also in form of environment variables.


Needed extra: Python 3

pip install -r requirements.txt -r requirements-test.txt

./ build

alembic upgrade head (needs to be rerun every time a DB migration is released)

PYTHONPATH=build/lib.linux-x86_64-3.6 ./ --help (the exact lib* subdirectory name depends on the version of Python)

alembic revision [--autogenerate] -m "<migration message>" (creates a new DB migration)

./ (runs tests and also generates a coverage)

docker build -t nogamespy-vietcong -f Dockerfile-dev .

docker run -it nogamespy-vietcong bash

docker run -it -v <local volume path>:/app/volume nogamespy-vietcong ./ --help