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jsqis: Javascript Quantum Information Simulator

jsqis, at its core, is a quantum computer simulator written in Javascript. It allows initialization of quantum registers and their manipulation by means of quantum gates.

Additionally, when used in the browser, jsqis provides a lucid visual representation of a system of quantum bits. This representation is mathematically precise, allowing people to reason about quantum computing without having mastered any topics in mathematics.

This package is meant for both instructional purposes and self learning through experimentation. It was originally implemented as a visual aid for a presentation about quantum computing given at the LA Hacker News Meetup.

Install instructions

After cloning, you will need to use npm to install the various dependencies.

$ git clone
$ npm install

There is not yet a system for building/distributing jsqis through npm, however. (Patches/gulpfiles welcome!)

Getting started

See docs/features.html once the dependencies are installed.


  • Jim Garrison