Sandbox mod for the Source Engine
Lua JavaScript HTML CSS
Latest commit 4cf019a Oct 25, 2016 @robotboy655 robotboy655 Added "Fetching Subscriptions" progress to menu
Should be helpful, and give you an idea of what GMod is doing while its
frozen in main menu

Garry's Mod

This repo consists of all Lua, text, and config extensions for Garry's Mod. Binary sources are not public, but are derived from the Source SDK.

Next Update

Current game discussion as well as update progress can be found in the Next Update thread on Facepunch.

You can test changes for the next update on the Garry's Mod Dev Branch through Steam.

Pull Requests

Pull requests are welcome.

Please make sure your line endings are correct.

Also try to condense multiple commits down to easily see the changes made, either through resetting the head or rebasing the branch.

Issues and Requests

To report bugs please visit the Garry's Mod Issue tracker.

To request features please visit the Garry's Mod Request tracker.


You can contribute to the game's translation on the following website: