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DocPHPManualer: Show PHP documentation in Sublime Text 3
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DocPHPManualer for Sublime Text 3

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show the document of current function on Sublime Text

Popup manual


This package will show a list of available languages after installed, which you may select the one you are using from it. If you want you change language pack later, please use the DocPHP: checkout language command. All these operations will take a few minutes depends on your Internet connection.

The default hotkeys are ctrl + alt + d for Show Definition and ctrl + alt + s for Search Manual


DocPHPManualer will generate cache files, which usually located at SUBLIME_PATH/Data/Cache/DocPHPManualer. These cache files should be removed automatically when removing the package.


	// Show manual automatically
	"auto": false,

	// Delay after cursor finish moving, in microseconds
	"auto_delay": 500,

	// Debug mode
	"debug": false,

	// Select language
	"language": false,

	// Select fallback language
	"language_fallback": false,

	// Available languages
	"languages": {},

	// Max height and width of popup
	"popup_max_height": 1080,
	"popup_max_width": 1280,

	// Prompt "not found" when symbol not found
	// default false because new ST3 version has user-defined symbols prompt
	"prompt_when_not_found": false,

	// Use the panel on the bottom instead of popup
	"use_panel": false


    {"caption": "DocPHP: Show Definition", "command": "docphp_show_definition"},
    {"caption": "DocPHP: Checkout Language", "command": "docphp_checkout_language"},
    {"caption": "DocPHP: Select Language", "command": "docphp_select_language"},
    {"caption": "DocPHP: Open Manual Index Page", "command": "docphp_open_manual_index"},
    {"caption": "DocPHP: Search Manual", "command": "docphp_search"},


	{ "keys": ["ctrl+alt+d"], "command": "docphp_show_definition"},
	{ "keys": ["ctrl+alt+s"], "command": "docphp_search"},
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