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Contributing to Gatsby.js
Learn about contributing to one of the most welcoming communities helping develop the future of the web

Thanks for being interested in contributing! We're so glad you want to help!

Below you'll find guides on the Gatsby.js community, code of conduct, and how to get started contributing:

  • Community: Learn why you should contribute to Gatsby.js, the most effective ways to do so, and all about the benefits (did we mention the free swag?)
  • Code of Conduct: Read about what we expect from everyone participating in Gatsby.js to make it the most friendly and welcoming community
  • Gatsby Style Guide: The art of contributing to Gatsby, a.k.a. the detailed requirements that will make it more likely your contribution is accepted with minimal changes
  • How to Contribute: How to get the most out of your Gatsby.js contributing experience, including GitHub management tips, setup instructions for docs and code contributions, and more
  • RFC process: Learn how the Gatsby.js team manages bigger changes, by way of a “Request-for-comment” process on GitHub
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