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A Phylotastic 2 project to autocomplete species names over the web. It is made available under the MIT license (see LICENSE). This project consists of three components:

  1. The init folder contains the files necessary to set up an SQLite database. init.sql is the initialization script for the database. You can then run demo-data.sql for really basic starting data, or you can add the names you want into the names table. Finally, run regen-index.php to (re)generate the names index. This takes a LONG time; I hope to look into faster approaches at some point.

  2. The importers folder contains files which can help you add data from various sources. A generic DarwinCSV to SQLite script is provided, which converts a DarwinCSV file into a pipe-delimited file for input into SQLite. It's designed around, which requires two important processing steps:

    1. AcceptedNameUsageIDs need to be translated into AcceptedNameUsages.
    2. ParentNameUsageIDs need to be translated into Family.
  3. The dist folder contains the files you need to incorporate into your website: index.html, which displays the drop-down list, and autocomplete.php, which searches the local SQLite database for the autocomplete names.

For more information, please get in touch.